Fred's Camper Build

This is very early for me to start a thread here as I’ve only just placed my Pre Order with Maker Made, but here goes anyway. Next year I’m building an expedition vehicle in Australia (I’m currently in the UK) and hope to use Maslow to cut out all the interior furnishings exactly from my 3D modelled designs. I’m a CNC programmer by trade so having the Maslow at my disposal will be extremely useful throughout the build.

I thought I’d post this now though as I thought some of you might be interested to see the billet 2014 aluminium Z axis mount for the Bosch POF1200 I made over the weekend (as it will be an Australian build). It is @Ned 's design and it fit perfectly to my test router at Homebase -

Since strength wasn’t going to be an issue like it is with the printed version, I added the holes back into the design to screw it to the top of the router. I also made the lead screw nut mount from aluminum for extra strength. Was a little tricky to get down the slot but a 1mm ballnose 18mm long did the trick.

Way over the top I’m sure but I figured why not… What’s the fun in having 5 axis machines to play with if they aren’t being used on important projects like a Maslow!


That is amazing! Can’t wait to see the things you make with your kit.

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Thanks! It was a tough decision whether to get you guys to send my kit to Australia where I’ll use it or to the UK where I’ll get to set it up sooner - logic prevailed… Thanks for putting the kits together again, you’ve saved me so much work in a build that already has more than enough challenges :+1:


damn, that mount looks good! :wink:


I put it down to good design… If anyone in the UK would like one, the payment is a visit to check out your setup!


Whats the payment for someone from New Zealand :wink:
That looks mighty fancy!
you’re welcome to come check out my setup hahaha. I’ll even give you a couch to sleep on while you’re here :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the designer should probably just deserve one don’t you think? I’ve read of a few people having issues with that nut mount popping off - since this one is ally, would it be effective if I added two threaded holes down the OD for some grub screws to be tightened up against the shaft without having to drill into it and risk clutching the lead screw? It’s a little hard for me to visualise what the issue is as I haven’t done the mod yet… Just a bit keen! Do you have the ID and OD dimensions of that shaft so I could confirm that it’ll fit? Then I won’t look like a fool if I send you something that doesn’t go together!

hey Fred,

That would be amazing! i would love an aluminium version!!! and i can get you those measurements next week (its a holiday weekend in new zealand and im not going to be home for a few days)

having a couple holes for grub screws would do the trick, yeah! Just cant really do that in the 3d printed part, so relying on a tight fit and maybe a bit of glue… But i’ll get you those measurements, as they might be a bit tight for an aluminium part, as the 3d printed one will give a little when putting it on the shaft and the aluminium one wont haha.

Thanks man! Im not sure what the costs are etc, but happy to cover some costs… or even just shipping or something?

Yeah just let me know the sizes and I’ll make up another. I might make the nut 15mm long instead of 20mm to aid manufacture and as we said, add an M4 grub screw on each side. The 3mm wall thickness should allow enough thread to tighten them up onto the shaft to a point where it shouldn’t pop off anymore. Some slight dimples in the shaft for the screws to sit in would ensure that too. Maybe I’ll make it out of Titanium for S&Gs…

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So I finally got my Maslow together! I’m still waiting on the Z axis lead screw, but so far so good!

(You can just see the outline of our truck logo in the middle there)

As you might notice, I’ve gone with a 12’ top beam for future expansion. I’ve just set it up as normal to get my eye in for now. I’ll likely stack a 4"x2"x12’ steel beam on top of the pine when the time comes to upgrade to the larger working area. I’ve got the chain extensions there, ready to go.

I also opted to go straight for a pulley system that I shamelessly stole from @gersus to try and avoid any bungee issues and enable the scale to the 12’ beam.

I still plan to fit out the interior of our camper truck using parts and panels cut out with my @MakerMadeCNC Maslow. Here’s a bit of a sketch of what we’re working towards -

Hopefully my lead screw turns up within the next few days and I can finally test out the aluminium Z axis mount I made over a year ago!


I still haven’t started building out the interior of my camper, but I have completed quite a few jobs on my Maslow. I have to say I’ve been nothing but impressed with its capabilities the entire time. Completely reliable too, not what I was expecting from a home built machine! Here are a few of the projects -

Wedding sign for my sister

Replacement coffee machine case

Fibreglass molds in tooling board for a friend’s truck build

It was all working so perfectly that I decided to change it! It now has a 12 foot top beam out of steel :muscle:

It was certainly more awkward to calibrate than the original, but it all seems to be working well. I cut a test rectangle 1600mm x 800mm and it measures up 1601mm x 803mm. Hopefully I can somehow tune out that 3mm in the vertical axis, any suggestions welcome! Oh and I can highly recommend the auto tool length setting mod. I use it constantly…


That looks great! Can you please provide a link to that auto tool length mod you mentioned? I searched for it but did not find it.

@Andy_Fencer sorry for the delay, didn’t get a notification… Here you are -

Highly highly recommended and worth the effort :ok_hand: