Able to do simple cuts without z motor?

Hi, I purchased the basic kit without the z motor since I decided to just wait for the big update on June 15th that comes with a zaxis kit for just a bit more than the existing z axis kit. I don’t know if this was the right thing to do, but I thought I could use the cnc now without the zaxis to make some very basic cuts, get the hang of it until the upgrade comes in.

Is it possible to make cuts without the z axis kit?

Yes, I’ve done a few projects like that (still waiting on parts from China to build my Z-axis). Basically, every time there’s a Z movement, GroundControl (or WebControl) will stop and ask you to adjust the depth.

The biggest challenges for me have been accuracy (getting to the same depth every time) and getting Fusion360 to generate fewer depth adjustments, but otherwise it works very well.