Remove option to order the maslow without the Z axis

The Z axis is so critical to just about any use, and the lack of a Z axis is actually a safety problem (without it, the router will stop with the bit spinning against wood, a potential fire hazard)

letting the bits heat up as the Z is manually adjusted will burn out bits quickly, and will exceed the ‘savings’ of not buying the Z axis pretty quickly.


I agree that the zaxis should always be included. Does anyone object to removing the z-axis as a option?

I’m a little worried about still having it as a separate option (for anyone who wants one after the fact) and having people order the kit with the z-axis and ending up with two. We would of course email anyone who placed that order to clear things up but sending those emails and issuing a partial refund would be a hassle so how do we make it really clear that it’s included in the kit?

No objections to changing Z-axis to part of the standard kit. Honestly, it’s what makes Maslow usable.

I see two ways of going about keeping people from ordering a z-axis with a new kit. Hard way would be to try to do some trickery with the shopping cart where if the new standard kit w/z-axis is in the cart, the separate z-axis can’t be in the cart.

Second way would be to make it so you or Hannah has to be contacted directly in regards to a separate Z kit where so it can be confirmed they’re not double ordering.


Some of the confusion can be removed if you change the name of the standalone z-axis to something like “replacement z-axis kit”.


The users that will only engrave or cut < 5mm in one go are a minority that can be ignored, however as an open source project with the chance to modify, the people that don’t want to stack a tower on the router, or those unhappy with the speed of Z should not be forced to buy a Z-motor they will not use.


have the default kit include the Z axis, and then offer another kit “maslow
without Z axis” and in the description make it clear that it’s for people who
are planning to build their own.


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