After a long journey! Two (double sided) color-core signs installed!

Always late these days…

Some years back I got interested in multilayer engraving plastic, in addition to Amazon have gotten free scrap engraving plastic from our local sign shop, and for a couple dollars from other shops while traveling (drop in and ask if they have time for a tour (lost of interesting machines), offer to buy some scrap for hobby use to learn about new materials). What they thought was too small for them worked well for me :slight_smile: ). Some years ago found nearly a thousand sample tags (looked like big keytags around 50x150mm with a pre-drilled hole iirc) in several colors on eBay, from a company that was changing to a different style, for somewhere around $20. Paid for them making welding tank tags, and probably have 3/4 of them left over. They should Maslow with a jig holding them in place since they’re considerably smaller than the she’d. Mostly used 1/8 and 1/16 endmills for cutting (about 3, 1.5mm).

OT, the import plastic is safe to eat and children must like it:

“Xinxing has its own TUV test certificate to proove that our Sandwich 3 layer HDPE double color plastic sheets is absolutely health and safe for children , even children touch or eat the material .”


almost every single bottle in a grocery store, from milk jugs to laudry detergents is HDPE. A lot of playground equipment is also HDPE so that is why they say it is kid safe.

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Time to go looking for sign shops!