After a long journey! Two (double sided) color-core signs installed!

Thanks to everyone for the help through initial troubleshooting, @bar @Gero @Keith @madgrizzle @dlang @mrfugu

After a number of trials, a hardware replacement, installation of new ring system, design iterations, depths of cuts, and ultimately material options, I opted for a color-core product that I purchased online in a 4x8 sheet for about $200.

It’s a neat material, with a 1/10th inch blue surface on both sides, with a white 1/2 inch base beneath. This allowed me to do a two sided cut to .12 inch depth in a single pass with a 1/8 inch bit for little details which was then mounted in treated lumber. It should provide years of durable weatherproof directions to our site!


Congratulation! Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool, I did not know this existed.

I didn’t know it did either! It was hard to bite the bullet, and certainly had me nervous, with very little room for error, but it turned out crisp and beautiful.

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Also, YIKES! Price today is $463/sheet. Maybe I just got lucky!


I like how you can get it gift wrapped. Yes, please. :slight_smile:


best to buy from local plastic place in low quantities like

if you are a sign shop, best to buy it by the pallet load from china sheet


A low budget guy like me could be stupid enough to try and spray paint a sheet before engraving.
Expected result is tear-out and sled scratches on the paint.
A paint layer and a clear hard finish perhaps?


My concern was water getting into the interior cuts and ultimately damaging the sign from the inside out.

I thought about it! If the price tag had been at $400+ when I purchased last week, I would have spent a little more time thinking creatively!



I’ve seen that material used for small things like name tags for doors, but I wasn’t aware you could get full sheets of it. Great work.

It’s really cool to see the complete sign that we say partial pictures of before. Beautiful work.


paint things, and then cover it all with a layer of painter’s tape (the blue
stuff), that will avoid scratches, and will even help with tear-out a bit.


Wondering out loud…

Paint the surface, then roll on a couple layers of white glue. Wash the glue off after with warm water.

No, I haven’t tried it.


I tried the blue-tape method and it just created a mess… some wrapped around the router bit, other bits tore off and then got bound up under the sled… a real mess.


Good to know. I always had this in my back pocket to try. I’ll be more cautious of I do.

Wow and I got that machine at home. 2 do theses wonderful things I’m amazed Everytime somebody post something I can’t wait for my day to share great job @Arichards



Ha. Don’t think for a minute I didn’t entertain every one of these options! I may give some of the others (glue, epoxy, paint) a shot at a later point for future projects, but as my event deadline was approaching, I bit the bullet and went for a sure shot. Should last outside for a very long time.


Take a look at this post regarding the journey I went through… might provide some useful data points for you.

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Well done! I think you made a great choice. Keep sharing your works please.

Thank you

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Very nice!

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