Alternative router in Canada - bought a Maximum

Bought it yesterday on sale for $129.99

Link here

It’s a “premium” house brand of Canadian Tire and similar to HD’s Rigid line. The Rigid in Canada is $257.99 regular price. One can buy a Bosch 1617 fixed base for less, which was my first choice. But this Maximum seems to check all of the Maslow boxes. It also goes on sale more often than the Rigid seems to.


The ‘depth stop’ on the plunge base seems not lockable to the bottom. The fixed base in the picture seems to have a knob making Z-motor possible. Love to see it in Maslow-Action soon.

At ~5:15 you can see the fine adjustment on the fixed base.


Thanks for posting the video link. :smiley:

The “z-axis” knob is held on with a Philips screw instead of the Bosch 1617’s D shaped hole with no obvious set screw. I’ll be looking at it more closely today and tomorrow to see of there are any obvious deal breakers. I did notice the dust collector is on the same side as the depth adjustment and it doesn’t look like it can easily be switched to the other side. That’s a minor detail though.

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You might consider keeping ~2/3 of the sled top free for the linkage kits or the ring mount to run free.
Unless you have the shopvac coming from the ceiling, I looks good to me where it is.
Coming up with a bridge for the Z-Motor that goes around the hose, should not be to difficult.

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I had a closer look at the router last night. Mine has to be exchanged as it’s missing a few parts from the box (which looked pre-opened before I bought it). That being said…

The good:

The adjuster for depth comes off easily and will take a set screw for a coupling. It also sits nice and low for clearance. There is a circlip to hold the shaft in place under the adjuster.

The depth control is simply a rack and pinion with no weird detents for fast adjustment.

The lock-down looks to be easily adjustable with a wrench and screwdriver so it should be able to set up “just so” for proper movement and no slop.

Handles come off easily with an Allen wrench.

The worm gear can be adjusted if required. It’s held in with a set screw.


LOTS of backlash in the “Z-axis” worm drive. Pushing on the top removes it all, but I may see if it can be tightened up a little.

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Search here for bungee cord.

I have some flat ribbon bungee in my stuff I’ll likely use, but I still feel there’s a lot of lash in the mechanism. I did exchange the router yesterday, so I have all of the missing goodies. No problems dealing with Crappy Tire as usual. :slight_smile:

The plunge base does indeed have a lock lever where you could lock it at any depth between fully up and fully down. The fixed base looks good enough to work with no issues at all beyond sizing the coupler for the z-axis drive.

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This looks promising, I’m about to build my Maslow (long over due project) and was going to buy this router. Any pics/vids you can share?