Alternative Router recommendation (Asia) Pakistan

Does anyone have recommendations for a compatible router that can be purchased in Asian Market?
I have filtered trough few websites for routers the links are below:

by the way in my search i found Singapore based website which offer free shipment worldwide and the recommend Ridgid ZR2200 is available there!

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Welcome to our group. Thank you for sharing that sight in Singapore. If you decide to use them please let us know what your experience is.

Thank you

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Thanks, and wish many success to all Maslow team and community, its my pleasure to be her!
Sure i will post about it as soon i get it.


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Ouderli looks like they build old Makita / Maktec models

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.pk is Pakistan, although .sg returns an identical page. My first attempt said I’d exceeded the 100000 visit a day limit :open_mouth:

From the 11A current I’d guess it’s a 120V model, but they don’t say.

The router page has a lot of typos. Doubt they use a phone so that raised some more flags. Make sure you use PayPal or a similarly protective source of payment and let us know how it works out if you go this route.

@salim no offense intended, just saying be cautious

Skeptical spam/scam fighting Moose…


You are right its made me suspicious too, the link is not working anymore and after your comments i search internet for some customer reviews which was bad and it seems like its a shady company,

they have Paypal logo at their homepage but at checkout you dont get any Paypal option, so i think its risky to buy from them. i have to look another way to get one or find an alternative router,

i am my self not an expert in Power tools so i am waiting for a clue or further recommendations from Maslow community…


I think it would be wise to contact AEG powertools germany (or Ridgid) and ask them what resellers are official outlets in your area.

And also look at eventual competitors. The Chinese spindles for instance.

Are there any established pro brands in Asia that we should know about?
It could be refreshing.

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I did found one dealer via Ridgid website store locator, and contacted them via phone but they didnt have any, and AEG store locator didnt return any address.

I am not sure if they can be any help by contacting them for a store location in Pakistan if they didnt add any to their website store directory, but i will give it a try.

I found another local store with which i spoke and they seems to be promising, ask me to wait till January and we might have it in stock.

We have many brands in our local market of which are mostly chinees brands
i will mention few here:
Black and Decker

If you can find a store that sells the Ridgid then you have router that’s proven to work fine with the Maslow. For the other brands you will need to look very good if they are usable, and add some of your own creativity to make it work.

The next best option seems to be the Bosch GMF 1600 CE that is under discussion in the Australian router thread.

And yeah… After all they are all made in China these days…