Router makita or vonhaus

I’m building maslow, but I’m missing the router. I thought about buying a makita or a vonhaus.

My big problem is that in the vicinity of where I live, there are only other types of routers and for this reason I can not understand how the z axis would work. I can’t find any information about the routers I mentioned.

Could someone clarify this for me?

I could also buy a bosch pof1400, but if I understood well, for that model the z-axis would work well, but would not fit in the ring, so we would have to cut his arms, right?

take a look at to get an
understanding of the problem.

Then look at the “meticulous Z axix” topic for a way to use any router by making
the Z axis separately. Or you can buy a c-beam axis and adapt it (several topics
cover that as well)

if you use a Cbeam Z axis buy the 125mmx125mm mounting plate with external rollers it is needed if you are using a router 3.5" or bigger.

Welcome! Glad to see another member. I am planning to do the Meticulous Z Axis myself, however without a working Maslow it seems the parts will have to be cut out by hand. Unless you have a 3D printer, there are a few pieces that are printed for the Meticulous Z. Good luck and please share! I will be getting my Maslow together soon and figuring how to take care of the routing duties without a Maslow.

I finally decided to buy the bosch. In case I needed two routers, one for a table and one for maslow.

I already had a 3d printer, but I consider that the assembly process for maslow is more complicated, basically by the measures.