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Antipodean Z-axis problem


Exciting times!
It moves!
It cuts!
All axises functioning, but my z-axis may be Australian! When setting up to define zero, I’m able to get there, but the raise and lower buttons do the opposite! I’m using one of the motor/gearboxes that are normally used for the chains, and have it properly(ish) configured for depth adjustments. My only issue is that my up is down and vice versa. Instead of travelling at a 4mm safe height, I plough through 4mm deep. Credit to the Yonico triple flute up cut bit, it didn’t break and despite leaving tearout that could be used to scrub pans cut reasonably well!

If anyone can save me from getting the wire strippers out by coming up with a quick soft-fix, I’d be most grateful.



Turn the router upside down? :crazy_face: well, no…
Is yours a Maslow z-axis kit? If not, some motors from other suppliers have the M+ and M- reversed. If that’s the case, use a negative number for the z-axis travel distance to solve your issue. If it’s a Maslow z-axis, not sure how that could happen…


That’s the answer I would suggest too :grinning:


Will all my g-code have to have reversed polarity on the z-axis instructions?


No, changing that one value is the only accommodation you’ll need to make. After that a negative value for Z in a gcode will lower the bit toward or into the material, as you would expect.


Awesome! That saves a bit time ;¬)


For completness inside this topic, can someone screenshot where this configuration setting gets entered (Ground Control, etc)?


Here you go, with the ‘podean’? “anti-antipodean”? setting :grin:

Router Recommendation (Australia)

Love this solution… I was seeing exactly the same thing.



And now I’m going to call it that forever. Thanks @blurfl :smile: