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Please help z axis

Just getting to do z axis calibration and z axis fails to go lower. Tried making a cut and seems to be backwards up is down and down is up??? Please help

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Ah this usually means that the setting for if the chains are coming from the top or the bottom of the gears is reversed. That would be my first place to look.

Z axis would be the router height, not the chains. But this is a setting as
well. Without knowing more about your setup, we can’t say what the correct thing

David Lang

Thanks David appreciate your help Newbie here. Doing the z axis calibration the router seems to be too high up. When you try to bring it down closer to the wood won’t go past about an inch. Not sure how to fix that. Do you have any input on that?

pictures please

David Lang

What control software are you using? Ground Control, WebControl, Makerverse?


You have a softlimit error. Turn it off then move it, zero the z axis the you can turn the limit back on. The command is $125=0 or something like that. Makerverse Basics

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