GC pausing itself while cutting projecgts


I’ve been working away with my maslow and gotten a decent amount of cutting done with it in the couple of months that i had it. Probably 10-12 larger detailed cuts… I’ve noticed on different project (different code…) that GC will randomly pause… Like its stuck. I just take note of what line of code the machine stopped on reload GC and “GO TO” that line of code, or just before. Not a huge deal but when I’m on a 4 hour cut… and it keeps pausing that is kind of annoying.

Something I’m doing wrong?


Hmmm I can’t think of anything you could be doing wrong which would cause that so let’s assume its a bug. The biggest thing that would help me to track down whats up is the log file. There is a file called log.txt in the same folder where Ground Control runs from which will contain every command sent to and from the machine.

Oh! I have a thought…is there any chance these projects have more than one tool specified in the program? If so the machine might be pausing to wait for the next tool…I’m assuming that pressing the continue button isn’t enough to make it start again?

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No. No tool changes on these… I run seperate code for tool changes. When It stops (It Just did it again as I sit here and type) I go to press the play button and it will move forward one line of code and stop again. It will continue as long as I press the button… but moving tens of thousands of lines of code by hand isn’t feasible. I found I dont have to close the program… just stop and “Go To” the line of code where I was and its fine for a bit.

I did a search and can’t seem to find the log.txt file. I’m on a mac. 10.13.3

Here you go:

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ok so i found it… but the upload limit here is 3 Mb… My log file is 515MB

Can you archive it? (Right-click)

Not sure I know what you mean.

Sorry for causing the confusion! Start by copying the file to someplace easy to get to. Then right-click on the file and choose ‘Compress “log.txt”’ from the pop-up menu. That will create “log.txt.zip”, which should be small enough to upload.

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Not to derail the thread but a log file that I’m assuming is just a text file that is 515MB is a very large file! That’s a lot of text! Is it wise to delete this file or wipe it clean somehow after every cut to minimize the file size and the computer resources needed to manage that file? A lot of us are using very minimalist computers/laptops/netbooks/tablets.

We do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It get’s refreshed every time Ground Control launches. The file is usually much smaller than that (1-2mb) , I’ve never seen one that big before

@Jkmang would you be able to email it to me through gmail? I could upload it somewhere

That happens to me, when I leave GC running overnight or longer :grin:.

You could try running a smaller project that this pause happens on, even one that doesn’t cut (remove your bit so you don’t waste wood) then send that smaller log file.