Arcade Cabinet Plans

Sorry. That is correct.

The stuff on classic arcade cabinets is MOSTLY correct. A lot of it is based on beat up machines that the guy has had time to take measurements on and redraw.

Some of them are more accurate than others, some are missing control panel stuff. The TMNT and Simpsons/Other are pretty accurate cabinet wise, but there’s little things missing here and there that are necessary for actual construction. The control panels .dxf files are severely lacking in details. Specifically, they’re blanks with nothing for control mounting.

But since I have everything needed to reference all that (i.e. I literally already own these cabinets), I’ve got a couple of SVG files almost ready to be converted to G-Code.

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That is awesome! So which cabinets specifically will you have g-code for? Would you be willing to share them when completed?

For the actual cabinet question, I’m planning on having Gcode ready to go for both konami 4 player variants, another variant of the 4 player cabinets built to take a 27" open frame LCD, a couple of the Dynamo HS variants (that classic arcade cabinets doesn’t have at all), and I’m eventually going to move into putting together Viewlix clones.

I’m focusing on control panels right now (cabinets will come after that). I’ve got TMNT et. al., 4-player X-Men (I own a six player as well :P), and a bastardized TMNT for four button four player games like Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. I may also put together some panels for Midway cabinets.

I’m associated with someone who can print up the graphics files for these as well, which helped with the X-Men panel being wildly different than Konami’s other four player games. I had to manually place the button holes and try to space them properly. That was fun.

I’ll throw up either my .svg’s or some Gcode when I have my Maslow back up and running and can do some test cuts. I dropped a motor and now it just spins and spins.

That is great news! Your list of cabinets is awesome - the four player Konami cabinets are also on my list of wants and the 27" open frame version is a great idea. The Dynamo HS cabinets are great and very flexible in their use with various games. The Viewlix clones are also something I have tried to follow online and see if any “good” plans were available; would be a great options as well. If the Gcode for these cabinets were available for the Maslow - it would really sell me on the unit! Especially if it was very effective in creating them accurately. Please keep me posted on your progress - very exciting.

I wanted to share a bit of the work I’ve gotten done on the control panels really quick:

(Bonus points to everyone who catches the cute bit in the background)
This jig was pretty involved because it needed to be set to Suzo-Happ joystick specifications (these can be found on all the joysticks they offer), so had to generate a process to put the holes exactly where they belong.

Problem is when I cut this out, I was still on a really bad temporary sled and didn’t even realize I was having a Inkscape -> MakerCam issue I still haven’t been able to figure out. Going back through and measuring, literally everything is off.

Luckily, I built in enough tolerance that when I took a stick off of my Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo machine and ran the bolts through for testing it all ended up working. I did pocket a bit too deep on this though, most games will only need about 3/8" (.375" or 9.5mm) for pocketing when being done on a 3/4 (.75 or 19.05mm) sheet of wood. I went to about .45, which is fine for being a test jig, but wouldn’t hold up for actual use.


Thanks or pointing out the background. I never would’ve noticed the tiny face hiding in that hammock!

Look even closer. Really look.

Progress update…

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More or less completed. The marquee design is my first experiment the will hopefully be improved, but it will be something like that. Lots I would do differently in hindsight but pretty pleased anyhoo.



WOW! I’m jealous. With Mame, you can play hundreds of the old games.


Check out retropie, it combines emulators to play virtually anything up to the ps1 (including mame, though i haven’t tested it yet) on a raspberry pi, and it’s almost plug and play with any joystick or usb controller (if you’re just going for gamelay and not historical accuracy)
Plus if you’re a bit of a tinkerer, you probably allready have all the parts lying around. I know i did :slight_smile:

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The plans on the (posted by @vertex) site are in .crv format, which looks to be used by VCarve Pro. I can’t find anything that’ll translate it. Does anyone have access to VCarve Pro that could export them to something more flexible?

Looks great, what is the black covering?

Dulux trade satinwood paint rolled on two coats.

Quick update on my work:

I finally figured out a workaround for my weird Inkscape svg -> Makercam sizing issue and was able to generate some Gcode for a complete Konami 4 player. Once I FINALLY get the triangluation kit on my machine (I’ve been away for large swaths of time), recalibrate, and do a test cut, i’ll post the full setup.

In the mean time:
blankCP (39.7 KB)

If someone would like to cut that out of some scrap wood and post some results, it would be greatly appreciated (I’m not expecting to be fully ready until Saturday) The dimensions should come out to almost exactly 36.875 (7/8) inch wide by 14 inch tall. If the tabs didn’t come through, set them for every 25 inches on makercam (this will get you four tabs).

This should be a reasonably fast cut, unlike the version with all the holes cut out and the pocketing done.


What size bit is this set up for ? What material thickness please?

Thank you

3/4" wood, .25" bit

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Hello Mr McKickass, What application is your file for?
I seem to have accidentally downloaded, installed and setup retropie on a mini pc and accidentally downloaded a heap of games.

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Gcode for a Konami 4 player cabinet is awesome news! Really looking forward to the posting of the full setup!
Keep up the good work and looking forward to other arcade cabinets as well. Do you plan to use Melamine board with the cutout? How does the Maslow work with Melamine?