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Arcade Cabinet Plans


Sure Tahen… “Accidentally put together a RetroPi” :stuck_out_tongue:

That file I posted is Gcode. It gets dropped straight into Ground Control for cutting on 3/4” plywood with a 1/4” router bit.

Arcade stuff is on a small hold while I work on a far more important project.


I’ll bite…What is it?


When I say important, it’s actually a quality of life project that’s incredibly specific to my living situation. I’ll share the project when it’s done, but it’s basically a custom plexi window with a vent hole for a portable air conditioner.

The only interesting bit is that it’s plexi.


Any updates on the 4-player Konami arcade cabinet Gcode? Thanks!


I’ve been out of town for a while.

Should be doing some control panels in the next few days though.


Four player control panel test cut will happen tomorrow, then I need to make some changes to my Maslow frame.


I need to grab an original to compare to.

This cut took a LONG time, and I’ll need to change a few workflow things for the next test run.


Excited to see how it comes together and if you run into any snags. I am building a pedestal cabinet that I designed in CAD so we will see how it comes together. I ordered my Maslow yesterday but have been building this project by hand for a few weeks. Are you insetting the joysticks from the top or bottom?


I’ll be using the IL/Happ style joysticks that are mounted to the bottom of the control panel. Sanwa/Semitsu (japanese/korean) style sticks have the option of being done either way, but a lot of cabinets still bottom mount them. JP/KR style sticks need to have less material above them when they’re bottom mounted, and their standard mounting plates are VERY different.


can you please share the svg files? Thanks!


Just added -



What kind of buttons/joysticks do you use for something like this? Is there a kit out there somewhere or is that something each person does from scratch?


There are lots out there. I usually go through


If I would put this on my list, push it up and open Pandoras Box I would try to source some parts of this Pandora Box. I like the idea of a piggy-bank to pay itself back.


This is the set i bought, mostly because with the usb connection they easily plug into the Raspberry Pi. All really simple to wire.

One of my small buttons was broken on arrival and i managed to mangle another one so that’s why all my buttons ended up being the larger variety.


If you want to source parts away from Holland (I’ve never used them but they tend to price exorbitantly on stuff) the two best US based options are for more American options for more import/custom options for the main arcade parts distributor in the country, but they have a minimum order amount

All three are reputable, and they’re places I order from for my business constantly depending on pricing/how quick need stuff.


intentional quick double post:

the cut I pictured earlier in the thread turned out wrong on the y axis by about 3/4 of an inch (working on the top left of the sheet) I’m going to set up another test cut in the middle right for tomorrow, but I know for a fact my top bar (bolt through design) is bowing and twisting. Want to get one more cut in before I switch to a Unistrut top bar.


kdipersio - are you planning to convert your CAD files for the pedestal cabinet to gcode for the Maslow? I hope so - would like to have a pedestal cabinet project for the Maslow as well. I attempted to build one from scratch and it didn’t turn out as expected and would like a CAD-quality version to build at some point. Looking forward to the full cabinet options for the Maslow as this continues to build over time. The countertop version looks great and will be a good starter and practice for the Maslow.


Here is my version of a retropie I created with my Maslow. I call it rustic CNC.


Whats the size of the monitor?