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Are there any other options for the Wiki?


TEST (Only Testing)

MaslowCNC Wiki

And this is what a keyboard looks like


Looks great… unfortunately, its for linux only at this time. And how do you use it here? Copy from the editor and paste here?


Yes, copy and paste. A few things might be different as for the headers I need to add a space for to work. The nesting part was my target to get to the information fast.

Ah, ok… I clicked windows now and see what you mean. There is for sure something similar. (


I updated the troubleshooting posts to make each issue its on reply in the thread. That gave me a means to link directly to that post. I kept the TOC simple using a basic markdown or whatever its called. I think this might work, just takes some time.


Do you have to have a permission setting to allow you to make a post a wiki post? Someone replied to one of the wiki threads and was not able to set it as a wiki post (and therefore not able to be edited by others).


I have Admin and Moderator but can’t find how to

I found it

@madgrizzle where is the port you want to set?


This is the post that I cannot set to being a wiki nor can the author of it.

I’m curious as to why I can make my posts a wiki but others cannot… that’s why I asked about permissions.


I’ve set it to wiki. Perhaps the trust level (yours 3)? I looked on the user page and you don’t have any visible special permissions :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into it. I have the wrench icon on my posts (post admin actions) that let me “Make Wiki” or “Remove Wiki”.

Found this on discourse forum:

However normal users may also make their post Wiki, provided their trust level is high enough (by default TL3). Admins can change the trust level required with the site setting min trust to allow self wiki .

I guess I could have googled it first :wink:


The person replying to the wiki has level 2. That would explain it.


If you are unable to make a post a wiki, you can flag it for the moderators. At the bottom of the post, select the flag icon:

Then choose “something else” and add your request in the message:


I’m not sure if this off topic or not, I run a pmwiki - It is where I have lots of the things I posted backed up. I like that it’s detached, if something happed to the Discourse, it runs independent. Wiki maintenance has a learning curve, yet another Mark-Up language to learn … However I wonder if the programming team couldn’t cook up a ML cross converter to move a post to a PMwiki. Just a thought. PMwiki is mature but not overly cumbersome in my opinion.

The other thing is I like it could easily be cloned for offline use.

Thank you


Interesting thought. Might be a good backup plan. I agree that learning another markup language wouldn’t be good.


I think of Wiki as a diffrent arena - Cliff notes- FWW