Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Sign


What am I missing u made this or u going to make this

The ice cream is the cut out with maslow


If you made this would like more details, any progress pics?

The ice cream shape was made from tiling 4 sheets of 1/4” ply cut on my new Maslow with bit from the Maslow store. The ply was then stapled to 3/4 strips to reinforce, join, at the seams and mount to 2x4 gusseted easels, that then c-clamp to the truss.
Ice cream top is 14’-5” x 5’ in 4 panels mounted to router 3/4 ply cut easels. Ben and Jerry curved sign on gator. Lighted sign is 1/2 finished ply with digital print adhesive back vinyl, it’s mounted via 3 sets of French cleats cut from scrap 3/4 ply. All cut on Maslow with rigid router and all stock setup except I added motor mount returns for stability, material loading pegs to my skirt for ease of large heavy sheet handling and edge access and use a steel plate instead of bricks.


The clouds on the lighted sign were cut separately on 1/4” ply with through cuts for bulbs, then applied adhesive vinyl, placed by registration of bulb holes, screwed in bulbs and added tabs of industrial Velcro on the back side for stability


That is beautiful! I think this may be the biggest thing anyone has built to date…great work!

I completely understand the confusion from LakeWorthB and Zeddymac - the cuts are so good you can’t tell that the ice cream cut out is plywood disguised with a wrap. Cool project!

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Beautiful final product. I’m curious about the picture, was that cut part of the design or did it have some issues toward the the top/middle?

The photo of the board on the frame had some initial chain slippage at the top. It was fine though, I just recalibrated, lubed the chains and gears and ran it through ground control again after sending to the same home location. It registered great and the miscut was at the top seam of the bottom left of the 4 panels so it was covered by the fabric wrap.