Board damage and motor not working

I recently moved and I’m finally getting the maslow set back up, but me left motor will not work. I noticed this damage on the board. Would this cause the motor to not work? I swapped port 2 for 3 and it worked, so the motor is good. Seems to be just the port on the board is bad.

What do I need to buy to fix this?

Looks like you need a new shield unless you can repair this one. It appears that the outer trace is cut where the mark on the board is or the ground plane and the trace are connected and shorting out. I would first verify that the ground plane is not damaged and shorting to the outer trace:
maybe clean up this area first and verify there are no pieces bridging that gap. If that doesn’t help, then it likely means the outer trace has been broken. if you have a soldering iron and a razor blade, you could scrape back some of the blue coating to expose the copper trace and then solder a small jumper wire to reconnect the trace.


a car audio place might solder it for you

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Thanks, I will try to clean it up and see if I can solder. Otherwise a new shield it is.

Ugly as sin, but this got me up and running again. Thanks!!
I’ll probably go back and clean it up at some point.


if that end of the jumper wire near the arduino pins is floating, you should cut it shorter, you wouldn’t want it to come into contact with that arduino pin by accident. If it’s soldered down solid to the board, it should be safe though.

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