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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


You really solved a big problem for us europeans, i think. Now we don’t have to spend €400 on a router, i spent just over €100 on mine. (also this design seems much cleaner then the rigid, no backlash, no extra mounting brackets, and it just looks neat)

Also i got over 55 mm of travel in mine, could you take of the plastic base plate of your router to see if it really doesn’t bottom out? The bottom of the shaft should be open then. I’m just curious why you miss almost 2 cm of movement.


Great work @Ned i am going to read more when. get home


Hi - I just saw several more links for doing something similar, in these cases, using more of the existing parts:


@Ned did your router have these parts inside and you removed them, or was the space just empty? Or was there another reason to use your own acme screw etc?

If they are inside and work, do you think it would be possible to drive the existing adjustment mechanism/shaft via a pulley/belt?

They all also mention removing a small black rectangle which blocks micro-adjust on the 1200 model - @Ned did you also have to remove this part, or perhaps it only applies to older models?




the factory fine adjust only gives about 16mm of movement, the acme screw (for Ned) 40mm, that seems to make all the difference.

I opened a new one this week, and i was wondering what the black thingy was for, but now it seems those bastards just put it in to justify asking an extra 30 euro more expensive POF 1400. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both 1300W.


Aha, thanks. I guess that several of the other mods are also discarding the whole micro-adjuster as the first link also appears to move more than 16mm.

This, suggests that the 1400 also has soft start and constant speed electronics for the additional EUR 30 which seems to be confirmed by comparing the 1200 here and 1400 here - hover over the ‘functions’ icons on those pages to get the info.


Yeah, mine had all the same things in it. I also had another look this morning and i can get 55mm as well (or whatever it as) but anything over 40mm binds up a bit. Probably the 3d printed part (will have to check) so i might modify that model a bit and see if i can add a chamfer to the top to get it to not bind up, or bind up a little later. 40mm is fine for me though, im not likely to machine more than a double layer of 3/4 inch material but if i can get 55, i’ll give it a go :slight_smile:


I bet there are even more people out there who are interested or who are about to buy routers in Europe. If it’s OK with you guys I’m going to talk about this development in the newsletter this week. It’s such a slick solution.


of course man, im happy with that


I was filming how i was making my sled, it’s not done yet, and i never editted a film before, but i’ll see how it goes. I’m working out how to get the linkages around the handles. The router is pretty big.
What is the diameter of your rings? Because if they fit, i don’t need to make linkages.


Sounds like a great opportunity Benji - I’d be up for one!

…then again is there a point to any of this if the Bosch doesn’t fit within the ring kit?


For it to fit Logans linkage kit
I cut off the handles, by passed the switch
And use Ground Control switch it on
With the handles cut off it may also fit the ring


yeah, i’m just gonna make a bigger linkage kit, taking apart a brand new router i can justify, cutting of the handles not so much :slight_smile:


We’re going to offer a couple sizes, the smaller the ring the more smoothly it will rotate. What is the minimum diameter that would fit?


at the handles the router is 28 cm wide, i guess the rollers won’t have to pass below them? i’m not sure what angles the chains can make, but about 160° should be possible with the ring just clearing the handles. i’ll try to take a picture tomorrow.


Will there be news of these offerings tomorrow? I assume one of the sizes will work well with the Ridgid router. Thanks again for making this solution happen.


Oh man, the newsletter is going to be so full! I always worry that when we try to say too much all at once everyone stops reading :sleeping:

We had the size for the rigid made in large quantities, and then we’re going to have other sizes laser cut locally so they will be a lot more expensive to make, but we have a ton of flexibility about which sizes are available.


I sent a set of metal arms out to Gero because he needed to handle a router 12"

David Lang


Photos of the handles removed and power cable re-routed,
with handles removed this allows a smaller ring therefore a smother sledge ride `



Very nice! did you just cut off the handles and drill a hole for the power lead? What about the switch? always on?

Also, the router is ~240mm wide across the handles