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Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits


I looked around, €13 shipping without tracking, or €65 with tracking :slight_smile:
But maybe @ned can help you out, saves me the trouble of filling out custom documents, and you get your kit faster.


Thank you Dag. Okay, lets see if @Ned is able to help. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.


more like a French pensioner in sunny Italy.
Also owner/moderator of


Ok, 12 kits shipped out this morning, sorry about the delay, but life was pretty busy the last few weeks, but my sister’s wedding next weekend is canceled which unfortunately cleared up my schedule a bit.

Again, sorry for the delay, and sorry for the 2 people that ordered this week because i’m out of stock now. More lead screws are arriving from china, and when they arrive i’ll have 40 kits ready to ship. So order away, if you’re patient :slight_smile:


All packages have left now, got a lot more in stock, but appearantly people stopped ordering once i got all my parts in :slight_smile:


That might be my fault for messing up the ordering system. I think there needs to be a price and a link to order from added to the page here:

That is where folks are sent now when they click the “store” link on the main website. There’s a quick video on how to update that here:


Right, forgot about that, will do when i find the time


Dag83, could I be your beta tester?
I just received my Maslow, so it’s time for me to order your kit.

how do you do with Nesting and slicing ? ;-))




Can i set the price in euro’s, or do only dollars work?


I think it’s going to put a $ in front of what you type in, but maybe that’s something I should change because we’re an international community.

What do you think?


Yeah. Sellers should not take the exchange rate risk.


Couldn’t you just make the price field a text box, that way you can enter what you want.


Pull request #36 removes the dollar sign and makes the price just a text field so you can enter any currency…good suggestion…AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Are there going to be new kits available in the near future?


If you’re talking about my bosch converdion kits, i got about 40 left.


Hello! Can you explain me how i implement the 3d printer nut into the router, please ?


Sure, here ya go


Hi Dag83,

Could you PM me? I would have a question about an ordered kit.



Did anyone tested this kit on a bosch POF 1400? Greets from Belgium!


I’m not sure, but looking at some videos the inner workings are basically the same. So i don’t expect there to be much trouble. If you live near Mechelen i could help you out and take some pictures of the process.