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Bosch POF 1200 Z-axis kits


Great. Thanks Dag.

Sorry. Not really into football. What do you mean ? :slight_smile:


they won against Brazil the other day… somehow…
May have had something to do with Brazil scoring a goal against themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, fair enough, that helped :wink:
We did score some lucky goals, bit so did everyone else.
France tomorrow


Thanks Dag!


Mine gas arrived. Thanks a lot Dag. What bit did you use to cut the pieces. Spiral?


For the 5mm holes, and the 3 mm holes i used a 3mm straight bit. The pockets and the cutouts with a maslow single flute spiral bit that was going a bit dull to be honest.


Ok. Thanks for the info. Nice to finally see some cut pieces real life. Can’t wait to cut some myself :slight_smile:


Hi Dag,
thanks for providing the required parts as a kit!
I’d like to buy one kit. Just let me know about the payment details.


Went by Dag to say hello today and picked up a kit. Got a bit of info, tips & tricks and a quick demo. Your the best!


I’ll be on vacation for the next week and a half, so kits won’t be shipped again till the 6th of august. Feel free to order though, that’ll be the first thing i do once i get back.


woot another danish guy on maslow :sunglasses::sunglasses: nice


Hi Dag83,
so once you are back from vacation, please add one kit for me on the order list.
This means that I still have some time to figure out how exactly to disassemble/reassemble the POF 1200 … :wink:


You can find some info over here.
Soon I will start too, and add my experience to the wiki of Dag83.


Hi Dag,

I’m from New Zealand, I’d like to order your kit. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance.


Hi Dag,
Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Do you have any of these kits left? if so can i order one please?


I’m actually waiting for some nut mounts that should arrive next week, and i’m making more top mounts as we speak. Everything leaves as soon as i get that package.

You can order more via the link in the store. I wasn’t really prepared for the orders i’m getting right now, so i’m almost sold out again when the order arrives on monday. But parts are en route for 50 more kits, that way i’ll be fine for a while.


Hi Dag,

Store says that since I’m in New Zealand, I need to contact you via this forum and not the shop. I’d definitely like a kit. If you’d let me know how to proceed, I’d like to send you my address and pay you. Understand that there may be a wait, good with that.



I’ll take a look at the shipping costs when i get home.


Hi Dag,

I would be in for one, when Italian custom release my Maslow, and make it to my door in Puglia. (heel of the boot)


great, finally an Italian, i’ve sent mostly to the uk, scandinavia and germany so far.
Just follow the instructions in the store, that way it’s all centralised for me on my paypal.