BOSCH POF1200/POF1400 and bit change

Hey out there!

I am living in Germany so the affordable Ridgid R22002 is sadly not an option for me.
I thought about the BOSCH with the z-axis modification from @Ned with the guide from @Dag83 and additionally the auto z-axis adjustment
This is an good and cheap solution in my opinion, just one thing I am not getting behind…

…how do you manage the tool changes for example between to seperate workjobs (Like changing the V-Bit from lettering the sign to the normal bit for cutting the sign) without loosing the position?

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PS: I am stoked from all this Maslow thing and my set should be here soon … the Frame is already build :blush:

Fusion handles toolchanges, the maslow just pauzes, you pull the plug, change the bit, do an auto z-axis zero, put the plug back in and push play.

For big files i just make different files per tool, just make sure not to change the home position.

There are still a few Bosch kits left, about 5 and when they are gone I’m calling it quits.

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Thanks for the answer @Dag83 .
I actually will use MakerCam in the beginning to do my GCodes out of the Designfiles. Will probably just go for the separte GCode Version.

One more question. I read the POF1200 articles but I am still not sure… is it necessary to cut the handles of the BOSCH away?
I read someone writing “happy that there is no need to cut them” but actually I cant find the solution for that.

If it is like that its the way to go :smile:

best regards

If you use @dlang 's linkages kit, you don’t need to cut the handles. But i figure that if i ever stop using my maslow i use it as a router table.

Hi Dag83 , still a kit left ? Greets from swiss

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