Calibrating Nightmare

First time setting up the machine. Near the end of calibrating, when I do a test cut and then go to enter in the measurements I get the notification: “The machine was not able to be calibrated. Please ensure the work area dimensions are correct and try again.”

I ultimately could not give the program the actual measurements (of the marks that it made), because it would always give me this error. Therefore I fudged the numbers and gave it (slightly inaccurate) measurements so that it would let me finish the calibration. And obviously when I did my first cut, the design was not square.

I started over and tried calibrating a second and third time. This time the calibrating cuts that you measure, wouldn’t cut past the third mark. The machine just stops. No error message or anything. It always stops after the second to last cut.

Would love some help.

What kit, board, firmware, and sender program are you using?

metal, 1.4, 1.26, ground control
M2, m2, ?, Makerverse 1.1.2
Eastbay, 1.5b, 51.29, webcontrol

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