Can someone please help me set up the Z axis?

I have v0.77 installed and everything is working (yay!), but I’m not100% sure how to set the Z. I’ve searched the forum and didn’t see exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!

Two things… check the first fluidnc tab for “zm” – when the router is bottomed out it should read 0. If it doesn’t there is a set zero z button in the setup dialog. If you have done a recent calibration with recent firmware this was done for you so should be ok, but I always check :slight_smile:

For a job, you will jog z up not quite to the top, get the bit in and tight, then jog z down until its just touched the work surface then set z home on that same dialog you use to jog Z.

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Thank you so much, @ronlawrence3 !!