Is there a calibration procedure for a newly installed z-axis kit?

Hi All, I have my Maslow set up and calibrated and have successfully cut the test pattern. Hurray! However, I have not yet installed the z-axis kit. Attaching it looks simple enough, but I don’t see any information on calibrating z-axis. I’m wondering if there is a z-axis calibration procedure built into ground control? Does enabling z-axis in the settings give you access to additional steps in Calibration? If not, can anyone point me to a good method for dialing in the z-axis with the Rigid R2200? Thanks!

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After installing you change this settings:

  1. Enabled 2. The pitch (default value should be OK for the Rigid)

After that you set Z0 before you cut buy clicking Z-Axis, lowering the bit until the top of the sheet and click ‘DefineZero’. Don’t forget to raise Z after setting zero.
(unless you are sure you have a Z-Safe height at the beginning of your cut file)


Great! Thanks Gero, I’ll do this first thing when I get back to it in the morning!

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