Can you run LEDs off the aux pins?

Since I switched over to the spindle, I lost the LED lighting supplied from my router.

Is it possible to run a few LED lights using the aux pins off the shield?

What is the max current that can be handled by the aux pins?

Do we have a data sheet for the classic shield?

What do you want them to do? Did you want the mega to toggle them or just provide power? You could use a USB cable if you just need power.

Another option if you are using a PC for webcontrol is to use a separate microcontroller like Arduino uno or nano and then use the pendant service to pull status led settings and change the light color based on the machine status or make tactile buttons for start/stop/pause. This is a bit more complicated, but also possible.

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I would like to power this type of light ring. Coming off the shield would be nice for cable management.

You have 12v dedicated power source on the shield for the motors. I’d pull off that before pulling from the Arduino aux pins powered by the USB 5v.

another option is to have a separate power supply for the light routed through an AUX relay. Then use the spindle/vac on outputs to trigger the relay and turn on the light.