Cannot get WiFi to work

I recently built the Maslow following all instructions carefully. I managed to get it to a point where I was able to start the calibration and control the z-axis. I was unable to retract the bands. I downloaded the latest firmware and went through numerous posts to try to sort it success.

When I switch it on it now retracts the top 2 bands so tightly that I have to pull the machine apart and rebuild it.

The WiFi has stopped working (no connection on Maslow.local or won’t show up if I switch off my home WiFi network) There is only a green light on permanently. There is no blue or red light. The fan has stopped working so I’ve taken that off and use an external fan close by to try and cool it.

I also tried using the usb to try to factory reset but it won’t work on either of my computers

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Like as soon as you switch it on it does this without you needing to push any buttons?

Yes. I just tried it again and it started extending the bottom one this time but stopped after about 3 seconds

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That is very weird. It sounds to me like something went very wrong the firmware update maybe? I haven’t seen it fail like that before.

I will DM you a code to get a free replacement controller board.

In the meantime running the “Full Install.bat” script with the board plugged in with a USB cable should reset everything to factory settings if you don’t want to wait for the new board to arrive.