Can't calibrate maslow

Hi, I have recently built maslow and now upgraded ground control and firmware to latest version. but I am still unable to calibrate it so i can being using it. When I try the first step to turn motors ccw eetc to align the sprockets correctly. nothing happens. I don’t have an error or much to go on as to why…

Hi Jeff,

Not sure if this will solve your issue, but double check that you have the power supply plugged into the motor controller shield, and not the Arduino. The arduino will power up from the USB power of your computer, but the motors won’t move unless the motor drivers have power running from the included power supply.



Also, do you get any movement when you go to Actions > Test Motors/Encoders ?
Does GroundControl show that it is connected?

Troubleshooting Guide


Make sure the correct com port is entered

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thank you! I now can move the sprockets so can begin calibrating. I was able to finally upload latest versions of ground control and firmware, set ports correctly, test motors, and also move them to being calibration step. But first I was thinking of replacing the bungee wire with something stronger as it’s already snapped. Any suggestions?

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Excellent! Great problem solving everyone!

I agree that the thin bungee is rubbish. It was OK in the vertical configuration when gravity worked for us, but not now.

Here is the cord I have been using:

yes thx! I will order that bungee, can you also send a part # for the s hook? when my bungee broke it sent it flying can’t find it :slight_smile:


We use this one:

But I bet you can find one at the local hardware store and not have to pay shipping

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