Children's Puzzle Rocking Scaling

I am trying to scale plans for a puzzle rocking chair but the problem seems that when I change the scale the notches for the 1/2" plywood to slide into changes, I can scale using Inkscape save as a svg file and bring it into Makecam but there is no way to measure in Makercam the notches to make sure there still 1/2".

I was constantly frusterated by the lack of any way to meaasure in MakerCAM. I ended up usually inserting a new square in MakerCAM which was 1/2 inch and then moving it around to check the widths. It’s not ideal, but it works…kinda

You can generate GCode in inkscape. Extensions->gcodetools. Everything I’ve cut so far has been done in Inkscape.

You have to duplicate your drawing into 2 different layers: one for the main cuts for all but the last layer . the filnal layer has the tabs and then you manually have to delete sections of your drawing for the tabs, but it would be scaled. I can write up instructions on how I do it if you want. It was not inuitive to figure out, but I got it to work and only had to learn one program to do it.

That would be great if you don’t mind. Thanks

The directions for using inkscape ended up being a bit lengthy, so I put it on its own thread here and now here in the wiki.