Community Projects

Hey all,

I have been following these forums for a while now. I have found that most forum topics fall under one of a few categories: calibration, software or hardware problems, and simple projects. I have also seen significant collaboration within these forums. A few examples are: The Meticulous Z-Axis and 🌞 New Stock Frame Design 🌞. These are examples in which multiple individuals came together and worked through a project, resulting in something which is better than an individual would have created.

As a consumer of this forum, I would like to have a database of big Community Garden items, In each project, several people have collaborated during its development; multiple people have downloaded, cut, and built the project. Each item has several documented successes. There are documented guidelines and learnings associated with each item.

Further, I know there are projects out there which are on pause; due to creative blocks, lack of time, or whatever. I think many of these projects could be more successful as a community item.

I have a list of projects which I would like to do. I am sure everyone has one of these. As a community, we could pick one or more of them based on interest. We could hold a poll for how many people would be willing to contribute. If enough individuals are interested, we can make it a community project.

Here is a starting list of items:

If you are interested or willing to contribute to any of these projects, or if you have an different project, please respond. If there is sufficient interest in any of these items, we can make it a community project and see where it ends up.