Connect via Bluetooth vs USB

I think it would be pretty easy to connect a Bluetooth board to connect to the computer instead of the USB, has anyone done this? Is there a reason that the USB connection was chosen over Bluetooth?

I think perhaps for reliability? But if you can add a bluetooth connection to the arduino mega, I don’t know why you couldn’t connect to it as long as it stays up.

I am starting to see the issues,

  1. you now have to power the arduino
  2. it requires another Bluetooth board.

Other than that I think it would work just fine. I don’t know anything about this stuff, but I might try to figure it out.

Transfer speeds would be my concern. Bluetooth is only capable of a maximum of 24Mbps where USB 2.0 can do 480Mbps.

take a look at the WebControl topics, hook up a Pi to the arduino and use a
browser to access it.

David Lang

but what is the serial port speed that we have set?, at most it’s 250Kbps.

getting cut off and then having the arduino reset when the serial connection is
reestablished would be a much bigger problem

David Lang

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If you have a Bluetooth module connected, would you “lose connection” and cause a reset from a Bluetooth drop out?

Yes, because the bluetooth module would look just like a serial connection to
the arduino, so re-establishing the connection would look the same as re-opening
the serial port

Doesn’t it still have a serial connection to the bluetooth module even if the bluetooth module doesn’t have a connection to another bluetooth? I can’t write a program for an arduino to command the bluetooth module to make a connection and then command it to disconnect without either of those causing the arduino to reset.

Last sentence was supposed to be a question… I know @dlang generally uses email and doesn’t see edits.

I don’t think the arduino even knows that bluetooth is involved. It thinks it’s
just got a serial connection and the bluetooth module has all the smarts in it.
and those smarts connect and disconnect the serial to match the bluetooth link
state (at least by default, it would break lots of things if it didn’t)

David Lang

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