Connecting Maslow4 to your home WiFi - User Guide

Had some trouble with connecting to home WiFi mostly due to the legibility of the attached screen dump. I suggest it would be easier to add the fields, in the text, which need to be updated.
i.e. sta/SSID set to your Network
& sta/Password set to your Network Password

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Do you mean to set your WiFi name and password in the Maslow.yaml file?

I think that the screen dump might not have uploaded, but that would be very helpful to understand.

I had the same problem. I believe he means instead of a screen shot in the manual but just type the example out in text or make a bigger picture.

On a related IP connection issue…
(Please ignore the colors and any bolding below)

I thought the idea of blinking the light to give the IP
number was a brilliant idea when I read it.
In fact I needed to use it when the time came.  So 
I booted it up and waited.  1  2  7  8.  What the?

So I logged into my router and there in the router 
table was Maslow with the IP of  (Thanks 

So I still think it is a great idea, but maybe if you 
have the time and space for the code we could use 
Morse Code.  For example sending  4 groups of 3 
digits would be
- - - - -   . - - - -   - - - - -
- - - - -   - - - - -   . . - - -   
- - - - -   - - - - -   - - - - -   
- - - - -   - - . . .   - - - . . 
Giving this a little thought I came up with the idea 
of starting with a dash that is 3 times a dash length.  
Then I changed that to  AAA  - .  -.  - .  because it 
shows the timing better but is unlike any pattern to 
Then any significant digits from the first quad, a 
Dot, then the any significant digits from the next 
quad etc…
Giving    - .   - .   - .   
. - - - -   - - - - -    .
. . - - -   .   
- - - - -   .   
- - . . .   - - - . . 

The best way for beginners to read this would be 
to just copy the dots and dashes to paper and then 
translate them.

Basic Morse rules, using a Dot as a measure of time.
A dot lasts for one Dot
A dash lasts for three Dots
The space between dots and dashes that are part 
of the same letter is one Dot
The space between different letters is three Dots
1 = . - - - -
2 = . . - - -
3 = . . . - - 
4 = . . . . –
5 = . . . . .
6 = - . . . .
7 = - - . . .
8 = - - - . .
9 = - - - - .
0 = - - - - -
So if you have time to kill…
I know I am going to steal your idea and add it to 
my ESP32 boot routines.  Maybe just playing it twice. 
You can always reboot to see it again.

Sorry about the colors that got added by the forum.
I don’t know enough to kill that. However without the preformat option the spacing gets all messed up and you can’t read the timing.

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No, I was referring to the user guide, a link to which is in Start Building. It’s the screen dump from FluidNC Settings is hard to read, unless you enlarge it, which I eventually did. So no longer have a problem, just if I had a problem, maybe others would too. Overall the documentation is fantastic and I am in awe of the machine you have put together, in all aspects.

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Our documentation is only good because brilliant people like you keep telling us how to make it better. That is fantastic feedback. I’ve updated the text there:

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The entire build and setup guide shows up really small if you are on a 4k
screen. I assume it’s optimized for a smaller display

David Lang

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When I started to update my yaml file…the Masliw_tlX: had a negative number there but I changed it to zero to match the calibration video… Right or wrong???

Neither right nor wrong, it doesn’t really matter because at the beginning of the calibration process all those numbers are just guesses. Changing to zero is probably the better option because then you can follow along the same, but if you left it at -28mm or what it was it wouldn’t hurt anything

What does (AP mode) mean?

Access Point I believe :grinning:

It won’t update the yaml file???

When I same the yaml file it tries to put a .html at the end. Delete that part too match the video or leave it?

Can you show a screenshot of where you are clicking to upload the .yaml file?

And got an error on this

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Ah that is the tab to update the firmware, to update the maslow.yaml file you want to be here:

V0.67 is going to come out in a few hours and get rid of that process entirely because it’s a hassle

Restarted fluidnc, hit the alarm, changed movement to 30 and nothing?

Should I now delete out the original yaml file so there is only 1?

I would delete both and then upload it again. I’m betting that maslow.yaml is your old file and maslow.yaml.html is the new one but the machine isn’t going to recognize that one since the name is different

So should I delete off the. Html of the new file?

Yes, it shouldn’t have a .html on the end. How did the .html get there again?