Conventional X-Y CNC Movement

I would like to convert my Maslow to operate in the more conventional x - y movement using linear bearings instead of the V configuration used in the standard model.

The same motors, chain, and sprockets would remain, but in a different location. The X motor (horizontal movement) would be fixed while the Y motor (vertical movement) would move as the X axis moved requiring a device to support the power wire to the motor and encoder.

All of the movements are either vertical or horizontal eliminating the need for cutting any type of curve. The accuracy necessary is approximately 0.10 inches if you can even call that accuracy.

What would be necessary to change the firmware to accomplish the above?

yes, you would need completely different firmware to handle that design.

I would suggest that you look at for a layout that would work well.
There is a fork of grbl that can support the normal maslow layout, since grbl
supports normal cartesian and corexy layouts, you should be able to modify that
fork to support your new machine.

David Lang

I agree with diang, also have a successful setup on my own CoreXY 3D printer design.
You may like to look up “Marlin” in Github -the firmware for 3D printers.

iplay1515, I could provide you with my Config.h file to tweak for your configurations…