Convert .ai or .pdf to dxf?!

Hey there!

I wonder if this is somehow possible with a freeware-tool?

Or is somebody able to do it for me with a file?
Its this one

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you want me to laser cut one for you?

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Hi there,

Googling for ‘.ai file to dxf’ gives me a bunch of online tools for converting between various formats. I tried the first one ( but I didn’t get the results I expected. I see the text objects, but not the actual cuts. So, the good news is that it’s possible (it did make a DXF file from .ai, and it did make an SVG file from .pdf), but the bad news is that the first tool I tried didn’t get the shapes, just the text. This could be a problem with the tool, or with the file.

You could try the other conversion tools, or you could ask the author to release the design in DXF. If you find something that works please report back so that others can see.

Thanks Orob for this great offer! But i really wanted to check the abiltity of my Maslow to cut with a 1.5mm bit. You have a laser cutter? :open_mouth:

I already tried alot ot these online converters and no converter gave me a acceptable result
Thats why I asked for “pro-tips”
Beside that I think I will do some reverse engineering on this special part :slight_smile:


Hi, here are the two files converted from ai to dxf. I used Illustrator CC 2020 > export option.
I think that you can find and install an old AI CS2 version, which is now in public domain. Surely it can export to dxf.
Didier (171.7 KB)

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