Convert Image to SVG

Someone from Adobe keeps emailing me to promote their new image to SVG converter tool. I tried it out and it doesn’t seem to work very well:

But maybe it will work better for someone else?

I ran a couple of my test images through it. It seems to create a pretty good display image, but not that great for cnc use. I’ve had the best results with the one that Carbide3D wrote for Carbide Create. While that’s no longer available for free use (it’s tied to having a C3D controller) in the latest version, with some digging you can find the free for all older version 6


I still use v6 and it still works great

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There’s also InkScape which is an SVG native editor.

It has an option to generate an SVG path by tracing a bitmap


Inkscape uses an open source program called potrace. I’ve mostly found it to be a great trainer for learning how to use the Inkscape node editor :frowning: to clean up all the artifacts it generates

Here is a thread with many options. Affinity doesn’t have a native auto-trace. It’s just what I use.


I use the detailed logo trace in an older version of coreldraw. If the image is of sufficient resolution, then the traces work pretty well. I messed with Inkscape for a while, but it didn’t ever give results like coreldraw for tracing.

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