Could use Some Help with Ground Control Re-calibration

I have a Maslow with the Mega Arduino. I was trying to get the MakerVerse beta working and it was a disaster (controls did not work). I installed firmware 1.27 for this trial.

I reverted back to firmware 1.26 and now I cannot get the GroundControl “Home” to sit at 0,0… When I send the sled back to “Home” via Ground Control, GC shows the Y @ +4.84 inches above 0.

I had a record of all the settings. I cleared the EPROM, put the settings back to default, and entered all the values in the Settings area. GC still shows the home above 0 for the Y-axis. I also had the motor gears/chains marked for my 0,0 that was working before.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you line the sprockets to 12:00 and put the marked chain on the top tooth, it should reset to the same exact spot. If 10’ beam then it will be at chain extended to 1651mm. Then when moved to center, be at the center.

If the issue is only in the Y direction this could be an issue with the motor offset setting. Changing that setting will move the home position vertically.

That being said, this sounds like it could be a symptom of the calibration being off