Calibration Off?

Having trouble over here after cutting out some designs from Easel. This only occurs with straight edges, more complicated/intricate edges will cut normally (so maybe chain tension?). The pitch of the square only gets worse farther up the cut is. As you can see in the attached image:


Solutions we’ve tried thus far:

  1. Manual and automatic calibration
  2. Reduce the weight of the sled
  3. Makercam vs. Easel (also, drawn vs. imported)

Running Maslow v1.06
Windows 10

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but are those supposed to be horizontal and vertical lines?

are you running the stock sled or do you hvae a triangulation kit?

we know the stock sled design is a big problem, and all future maslows are going
to include a triangulation kit.

If the stock calibration doesn’t work, go back and re-measure everything to try
and be more accurate.

David Lang

Look at picture 1 more time :slight_smile:

I think if you answer the post by mail, you might not see the pictures :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to join us testing 1.09 inside and out?

Support is often based on replicating the issue, to see what is happening.
A copy of the grounconrol.ini, the log.txt from the grouncontrol folder (for a fresh log delete the old one) and a copy of the gcode can make things get fixed relay fast.


@bar and @Gero

Alright, we have tried build v1.09 after doing the following:

  1. We tighten down every screw and bolt to ensure they were taut, screws managed to loosen after the first batch of test cuts.
  2. Ran through the new calibration steps with v1.09
  3. We also ran the portable .exe from the desktop instead of our Google Drive folder (idk if consistent syncing causes issues with the groundcontrol.ini or log.txt files)
  4. We added heavier bricks on the sled and replaced the router bit, to help reduce the chain slack in the far corners of the workspace.

Here are the results:

And our first “real” cut after a few tests (Thanks! @clintloggins):