Cutting in 2 passes when it should be 1

Me again! Today’s issue is that I’m cutting 3/8" plywood and I thought I had everything set up to cut in one pass, but for some reason my M2 is cutting the first pass all the way through, and then it goes over the same shape again, not really cutting anything. In Carbide Create, I set my stock depth and max depth to .35" and set the cut depth of my tool in the tool database to the same: .35". Any idea why it’s taking 2 passes to cut? Makes for some slooooowwww cutting…

check if you have it set to create a roughing cut and a finishing cut.

David Lang

Thanks @dlang - but I don’t see where I would make that selection. I’m doing a contour cut.

sorry, I don’t know that sofware.

David Lang

Well I think I fixed it but it makes no sense. If I set both the “depth per pass” of my tool and cut depth of the workpath to .35", it cuts in 2 passes. If I set my depth per pass to .36" and cut depth to .35", it cuts in 1 pass. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

3/8 is 0.375, which is more than 0.35. By any chance is that second pass very thin? What did you set your stock thickness to? If it’s 0.351 and you use a 0.350 cut depth it’ll try and make two passes. Or something like that, I don’t know if they have a close enough tolerance.

Carbide Create suddenly went pay/C3D controller router only with V7, without making that very clear for downloads and updates. If you’re using the free version don’t update to V7 or later. With V7 store gcode encrypted in their C2D (iirc) file, and require Carbide Motion connected to a router with one of their controllers (it’s bit people who’ve upgraded their shapeOKO controllers) to extract actual gcode. Most people don’t discover this until they upgrade and start trying to figure out how to save gcode since there is (or at least was) no mention of this on their download page, and it’s skimmed over in the what changed page. They handled the transition poorly, suddenly going from encouraging free use with non-C3D products to blocking it. There are still pages on their site promoting free use of Carbide Create.