File error on Ground Control

Why when I am on ground control when I click file to make the file load, it will freeze and state ground control is not responding?

Which operating system are you using? Which version of GroundControl?

GC version 1.17 windows 10 Pro

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When you have the list of files on the screen, look down at the bottom, on the line next to the ‘Select’ button. If that line still says “Filename”, GC hasn’t yet recognized which file you want. Try clicking on the file again, the path to that file should show up on that line. Then click ‘Select’ and GC should open it and return to its main screen. Does this work?

As soon as I hit open file from the Action tab, nothing happens and as soon as I hit any other stroke wether it be file or not I get error top left of screen saying Ground Control is not responding.

GroundControl tries to open what it believes is the last file you had open, or if it doesn’t know what that is, it tries to open your home directory. Before going to Action/OpenFile, look at Settings and maybe delete whatever is listed in the ‘OpenFile’ setting.

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