File share testing

this is a test -

This may get deleted later it is a NEMA17 motor mount stl file.

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Please visit the link above and take a screen shot and share it here.

That is if you wish to help me out in testing.

Currently I’m not paid by any entity to suggest any product.

I have used Evernote fro almost 5 years now and have stored many types of information in it. I currently have a paid account. I call Evernote post-it notes to expand your brain. It allows me to document, retrieve and share data. It allows me to quickly recall something from years ago I worked on.

One of my Mentors is Lee Cockerell - retired VP of Disney World Resorts. If you don’t take my recommendation take his to use Evernote.

Evernote: Get organized. Work smarter. Remember everything.

I’m currently using Evernote to update the Maslow Wiki off line. You see I’m traveling and I don’t want to login on GIt on the system I’m using but I can use evernote web to capture my thoughts and then cut and past from my home system.

Here you go:

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Tested on Ubuntu mate with Firefox.

The files can be can downloaded and open nice in FreeCAD.




Folks Thank you

I wanted to be sure you would not need to create an account to get to the Files.


Here is the answer to sharing files from your account on Evernote. The files sync to the cloud people can Download from your share even when you not on line.

I will start sharing files in the community garden this way- when I’m back in LA I will do a full write up on. How to do this.


Windows 10 X64 and Chrome

Looks the same with Google chrome on Android, not gonna figure out how to do a screenshot tonight.

I use Google keep for low budget note taking, but don’t need to remember a lot of stuff these days

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It even works on a cell connection that’s ‘as slow as thick shit trough a funnel’.

In my case FireFox 57

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iOS 11.newest, downloaded to iCloud files and viewed in online viewer


OK - I have 3 samples set up with different file types. Can someone test pulling down all the files? I doubt there is a difference or a problem, but I’m doing my due diligence before writing an Evernote primer on why to use this solution.

Thank you

The same link? I’m seeing only the same 2 files.

My bad -

Thank you

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The .stl look good with Ubuntu, Firefox, FreeCAD

The .nc load well with bCNC

The .dxf fail to load with QCad, Draftsight and LibreCAD, FreeCAD, Inkscape.
The file size is 43-45kB but should be ~2.9MB. Downloading from GIT with rightclick produces the same unusable 4xkB files. Copying the raw txt from GIT and putting that into a txt file and name it .dxf works and results in a 2.9MB file.

Go to the file you want to download.
Click it to view the contents within the GitHub UI.
Right click the viewRaw button.
Save as…


Please test the .dfx files - I right clicked the links originally. I have now DL the files and renamed form .txt , updated in the share.

good call!

Thank you

Confirmed that now both .dxf are downloaded correctly and opened in QCad.


Thanks for your help. I’ll start writing up - a how to Evernote

Thank you