This is prob listed somewhere, Maslow makes collaboration anywhere?

Do we have a dedicated spot anywhere where everyone can put their Maslow built ‘things’ to share with the community? Sort of like thingiverse for 3D printing?

The Community Garden on github was set up for this.

FYI - I’m working on a more better solution …

Thank you


It would be nice to have some kind of mediagoblin for this

Mediagoblin is very cool and I hadn’t seen it before. What other similar platforms are out there that we could build off of?

I am more than happy to pay for hosting to get something like this off the ground

Not sure if this addresses the issue but @mrfugu and I have been working together on a collaborative Fusion360 directory. Not sure how to share it with anyone else interested… maybe he could help here?

I know not everyone uses Fusion, so it’s probably not the best solution.

Yes, the Fusion360 cloud area can be used for this, but for those not working on Fusion360, the Community Garden area of the maslowCNC Github is the more appropriate place. Follow directions for submitting your .nc files to be merged into the repository, then document them for the Moderators via the submission report…

Speaking of the Fusion360 area, if anyone is interested in participating in this space, please reach out to me or @MeticulousMaynard via direct message and we can add you to that (Autocad maintained) space.


To Make you all aware - I’m working on how to make a safe place that allows uploads and scans them on the upload for virus/malware so this would keep the community files from taking out a bunch of systems. I don’r suspect any of our users would do this intentionally but the potential to accidentally case harm is there. i’m sort of reinventing the wheel there are many discussions on this subject in security forums but There is no open source AntiVirus solutions setup for this. I’m looking for a long term solution, one of the best uses e-mail so the e-mail server can handle the AV. So there are suggestions for best practice, but people don’t publish what they are doing for obvious reasons.

Thank you


@bar MediaGoblin is a kind of youtube alternative that is not limited to video. I’ve seen STL files hosted on it as well. And photo albums…

It just needs a plugin to visualise whatever is uploaded. So DWG DXF SVG Gcode should all be possible, but i don’t know if it allready exists. (someone has to be the first, and from there others will improve i guess…)

Another thing i had in mind:

It would be cool if people could just host their own stuff and that a cloud would be linked from there.
Instead of uploading to a cloud, be the cloud and let the cloud be a kind of backup instead. If user is offline then display cloud-backup. Then everyone can be a part of the backup.

a bit like bittorrent

If you have a design i like i download it and provide a bit of bandwith to share with others, the more polulair a file is the more people have it and that way it load balances itself on the fly. No need for you to host a huge website, with all the ‘who owns the content?’ issues.
Think: Thingyverse/Takerbot.

Not sure if there is a bittorrent way to do this? That would be even better. Then you only host a database, and the users host the content…

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Where would our lives be if Napster had never happened?


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Again to be clear I want something we control. I’ve invested in technology that claimed it would be around forever only to watch it go dark over night with no warning. So it looks like I’ve been around much longer than forever. My be forever doesn’t mean what they think it means.

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I know what you mean, but control comes with responsibility,

Users also want control over their own data. by NOT signing their rights away to a 3rd party. (like takerbot for instance)

By taking that part out of the equation would make it a non issue. And a kind of torrent solution would offer that solution. Then people control what they share and the one who hosts the site binds it together. The site needs the users the users need the site. That balances things out in a natural way.

Now torrents are around for quiet some time and i’m not seeing a real evolution right now. Still it has proven itself very robust. Look at how Ubuntu uses it to distribute the ISO’s…

In a way it would be cool to just turn things around and use the existing torrent infrastructure somehow. It’s there, so why not use it. We are looking for a way to share. They offer a sharing platform. We offer legal content and thats what they actually want to share. That most people prefer to share illegal stuff that’s not our problem. We only need the sharing infrastucture.

And its there, it’s HUGE, its open.

I would use it.

millions of people already use it. And the little bit of data that we need doesn’t even register on that infrastructure.

I believe the torrent infrastructure might lack something that I think would be nice to have. The ability to categorize, browse, unless I guess the torrent structure was just the backend.

It would be nice to have a site where one could browse categories, say furniture, and see images of the build from people who’ve built that design, before even downloading the source design file. Along side any unique instructions for routing that design.

Ratings, comments, hottest builds, etc…


Is the reason we don’t use the wiki because of what’s listed:

Place holder for files from our user community. Please leave this page as it is until we have developed and vetted a process for placing files here.
Thank you

Is there no good solution using Github’s wikis? I like the idea of keeping it all in one spot.

The wiki as it is, will not allow upload of files - It allows file links leaving it up to each person to link form there dropbox or something. That is not very clean or safe. I’m trying find a way to do this and be able to host a back up as well. I’m also trying to see if we could use the API for this forum so we don’t need yet another login.

Thank you


If we use torrents, we need to make sure that there are multiple places that
host the full items, it does no good to get the torrent seeds if nobody has the
full files online. I will be willing to host a copy, but I have poor upstream
bandwidth, so I should be a ‘last resort’ copy

As for organization, the bittorrent protocol says nothing about how the files
are presented, it’s just the transport.

This is what should have evolved in the torrent system a long time ago. Not sure if it is a result of the witchhunt from the copyright machine that people are reluctant to dive into this?

Probably also a kind of ‘it works for me’ situation.

How Ubuntu uses torrent to host ISO’s doesnt require a searchable website.
But it’s all just a big database, so it should be possible to add ratings etc. in a reasonable simple manner.
And maybe there already is somekind of content management system available for this?
Doesn’t piratebay share their code??? or any of the others?

Then we could build a CNCbay… And why isnt there a thingybay already?

stuff like this could take the torrent scene into an entire new direction, instead of copying the media industry content just make the media industry obsolete. ‘We The Makers’ :wink:
The media industry itself does not make anything, they are the real pirates… they give content creators a few pennies and turn that into big money for the few big boys who run the media industry. Thats a very outdated business model.