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Getting an error when trying to upload my sketch in the Arduino 1.8.19 IDE;

Arduino: 1.8.19 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)”

In file included from C:\Users\charl\Downloads\MaslowDue-master\MaslowDue-master\MaslowDue\MaslowDue.ino:34:0:

grbl.h:70:10: fatal error: cstdint: No such file or directory



compilation terminated.

exit status 1

cstdint: No such file or directory

Any assistance is Greatly Appreciated.

are you opening the project within the compressed zip file? Please fully extract and try again.

I’m having the same issue, did you figure out how to resolve it?

This looks like the firmware is trying to compile to a mega 2560 when it should be targeting the due or vice versa. If you have an M2 with the newer Due controller, you must install the 32 bit Due target files so it will compile correctly. There is information about how to do it here.

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it is a mega 2560 i have the classic maslow kit and maker made documents say to use makerverse which wants the firmware update

So you need 51.28 firmware, you need to completely unzip it before opening the .ino file with the Arduino ide. Select the proper communication port and the mega 2560 as the board and then press the arrow to compile and upload it.

Thanks, but i dont know where to find version 51.28 that doesnt give me this issue. MakerVerse is sending me to this site:
GitHub - makermadecnc/MaslowDue: Maslow CNC, second generation based on GRBL and Arduino Due

this message says you are trying to load firmware for a due on a mega 2560

that link you provided is the firmware for the M2 controller.

this is the repository you need to compile from. a copy of the 51.28.hex file is included in the releases link on the right of the page

To get the correct branch, you will need to clone the repository and go to the “holey” branch.

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