First project - Texas Star

I bought this one for some testing early on. Seems to work well, and is not too expensive if it wears out quickly.

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Hello Becca I am just startin my maslow build live north of houston would like to see how you did yours … thanks

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Hey Mark - glad to hear that you’re getting a Maslow up and going. I’ve still got mine assembled, but the heat has been keeping me from getting out there to woodwork. I’ll ramble a bit in this email, but maybe my off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts will be a starting point for further discussion.

One thing I heartily recommend is to put casters on your frame. I’ve appreciated being able to roll it out of my garage (it just barely fits under my garage door, so take that into account when building your frame) and it makes getting to other things in my garage easier as well. I built the frame that was recommended at the time I got mine and am using the ring mounting for the router. I’ve not had many problems with the chains slipping, so the angle is pretty good with that setup. I’m also using the bungee between the chains along the top edge. Gosh, maybe this advice is all out of date. I haven’t been keeping up with the forums and thus don’t know what the latest and greatest frame is.

One of the problems I’ve had has to do with attaching my sheet of plywood to the frame, so when I was last using the Maslow, I was brainstorming better ways of handling this. My plywood sheets are always warped and my waste backboard is warped now as well, which plays havoc with the sled movement. The other more frustrating problem I had was loss of USB connection - I think my controller board needs to be shielded from the electrical noise the router generates, so I was considering mounting my board up high on the back of the frame. Currently, my controller board isn’t fixed to the frame, but rather just sits on my sawhorse “table” behind the frame.

Well, I should get back to my company - got folks in from out of town this weekend with us, but let me know if you want pictures or have other questions. You’d also be welcome to view my setup in person, if you’re down this way - I’m near I-10 and beltway 8 on the west side of Houston.


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Thanks for your reply , I have had a few things goin on since I bought my Maslow parts .
but I am finally trying to start it …had to purchase a new maslow board, as mine never worked . I have been tinkering with 3d printers, a small cnc machine and a lasor engraver . The base I am goin to build will be all steel . I would like to come see your set up of the
maslow. when you have time . I ride into houston a lot …on…my Harley … let me know when its convienent for you .

                          Mark L Carroll