First proper cuts

So finally after having the Maslow in the hackspace for a number of years I’ve spent the last few weeks adding a z axis and webcontrol etc…

First proper part of it a new sled with all the holes spotted for drilling, I decided not to have the Maslow cut the holes for speed.

Overall happy with the end result and once it’s assembled on the new sled I’ll let the membership loose on it.


looks, good, except the 4 stand offs holding up the linkage arms look really skinny, I would use fatter material to make it stronger… Also you need more weight on the sled I think. You want it around 22-28 lbs depending on frame size. your sled is probabaly around 17 lbs if I had to guess.

and if you will be letting members use it, who might not have a really good understanding of how it works then an emergency stop button is a must.

One good thing about wood linkage arms is they will probabaly break before anything else and are cheap to replace.

First cut - Our family name is “Morgan” So we cutout a Maslow ‘M’ logo for our front door :slight_smile: Painted Black, and it looks good!


The stand offs are steel tubes and lack of space stops using thicker stock at the bottom.

The new sled and fixing for the z axis will help.

Yes safety improvements including estop will be in place before letting members loose.


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we use these and they work well:


Will probably just cut some more on the lathe anyway :slight_smile: