Flat Pack Laundry Basket

I milled out a laundry basket, with more to follow.

I don’t have a maslow, but ordered a couple of the compression bits. I was pretty impressed with the finish given by the bit. Here is an example off my Shapeoko 3 XXL. The first one resulted in absolute no sanding or fuzzes at all, by the time I got done with the 4th side there were some fuzzes. Not a lot though. Overall, I’d say the compression bit is a great deal at $13! I’ll update once I’ve milled more with it to determine what the tool life is. This project put about ~12-15 hours on one bit. I suppose I could attempt to take a photo of the magnified edge if anyone is interested.


Just wanted to post my impressions of the compression bit, here are some assembled photos.

Feel free to mill your own, here are the Fusion 360 files: http://a360.co/2FSPCno


Fantastic -

Thank you for sharing.

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What do you think of your xxl? Any assembly problems? Directions improved since the first ones?

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Not really any assembly problems though I didn’t exactly follow directions… .

I made the tosion box base the frame.