Found a fun project!

Sorry about the language in the link…


This is actually a project by HomeMadeModern. Here is the original link:

They have a lot of cool projects on their YouTube channel.


Nice. Subscribed to their YouTube channel!

Love it, but that’s like 50 sheets of quality plywood, looks great, but not really a cheap project.

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I agree, not light either!

But fantastic!!!

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That’s Reddit, plus the modern education system no longer teaches vocabulary classes so the youngsters don’t know a better way to express themselves.

Those mouth washing out with soap imcidents forced a better choice of wording in my misspent youth.

Edit:. It lost my <ducks> :grinning:

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It’s only 13 sheets. (He mentions it was 1.25 sheets per step and only 10 steps plus landing.) I think it looks like more because the top layer is most often shown, but each layer underneath is shallower by about 1.5". And the fact that it fits on his XCarve leads me to believe that they’re not very long, either.

If you’re only counting material cost, that’s a spiral staircase for about $700. The last time I quoted a steel spiral staircase for a home it was over $1,600. (EDITED to reflect the cost of the ply… he’s using PureBond formaldehyde free which is about $52 per.)

As far as weight goes, 13 sheets of plywood will be about 850lbs. A comparable steel staircase would be in the neighborhood of 350lbs so he was smart to do some extra framing there!

EDIT2: if the weight were an issue, you could “hollow” the steps with some extra cuts… not sure how much could be gained there. The half circles (for the post enclosure) could be cut from those spaces and maybe each step is only one sheet now? I really should grab the files…

That sounds a lot more reasonable, also for the weight, you count the whole sheets, i’d assume at least 30% loss.

Oh duh… I didn’t even think of that. Yeah, it’s probably way under 850lbs.

Great, now i need to find someone that needs a spiral staircase :slight_smile: