Simple plywood Glasshouse

Here is my latest project at this stage I’m half done. Its a glasshouse cut on maslow, 2m wide 2.4m high and can be any length (mines 2.4m because of space available but I can get 3.6m clear roofing as well) 7 sheets of 12mm plywood and PVC corrugated roofing. 6.5hrs total cut time. Simple to build and strong. Here’s some photos of my progress.


This is spectacular. I’ve actually been thinking about working on something similar to this myself. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Its really simple just a semi circle with 2 sides, next time (parents want one now) ill put some of those reinforcing brackets on the bottom of the centre legs as well. And make a hatch in the back wall that opens so the plants don’t cook on those 30 degrees Celsius summer days. Ill post some more photos once the roof is on.


That’s really neat. Can’t wait to see the finish product.

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Thanks! here are the next round of photos (not done yet)


A few more photos, mounted the door today, will get some better ones tomorrow on my day off.