Free: complete hardware and microcontroller setup (2018)

Sadly I had to disassemble my Maslow. I have all the hardware (steppers, chain, sled components, etc), cables/wires, and the microcontroller (I might even have the yellow shock cord somewhere). All worked fine when I took the machine apart. Happy to ship USPS to wherever in the continental US. I just dont want this to go to waste. First come….

Hi! I’d be happy to receive it. How would you like to proceed?

Respond with email? Sorry, no. I’ll pass. Thanks anyway.

I don’t think this forum has a way to dm, and assumed you didn’t want to post your address here, so… if you have a better way to get me your address let me know.

@CharmCityGats @GeneB If you click on the person’s name in the forums, it gives a little pop up with some general stats of the user. here should be a button there to message (DM) them from there.

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Geesus. he’s offering you a free machine. make an email burner account. this is unbelievable.

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One post above you the issue appears to have been solved. Not everybody is as email savvy as you, and with today’s steady deluge about the evils of the Internet it’s a good idea to be cautious. We may know that those evils are often overstated, but not everybody does