GC Readout Values

What is the value in ground control that is right under the g-code line you’re on? This is located under all your move commands and above the program code box. Also, what does the"Vel:" mean?

That’s the feed rate from the gcode file. Vel. is velocity, calculated from the change in reported position.


Thanks. So today I cut something but realized it was a little too fast in the g-code so I slowed it down in ground control through advanced settings (wonderful feature!). You’re saying that readout number would not show current speed but only the original g-code speed? How can the Vel: readout be useful?

That’s right, it doesn’t take the ‘speed limit’ into account, just the gcode file value.

Visually compare the real speed with what the file called for? Adjust one’s expectations for reasonable cutting speed? See how fast the cut was going when it did poorly? Satisfy the desire for instrumentation? Or (f) none of the above…

Or answer @mrfugu’s question here:grin: