Gotta love windows 10

I’m an hour into what looks to be a 3-4 hour cut & Windows 10 decides it’s time to reboot to do an update. Grrrrrr!!!

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the Win10 update has been annoying the cr@p out of me for some time now. It is in a loop of downloading restarting and failing to start back up (blue screen of error) then I need to go back in and restart from the Safe Screen, which reverts back to the previous version of win10, and the cycle starts all over again. It is apparently a thing for a lot of people, but as yet I haven’t found a solution to it, so I have taken to ending the update task to try to prevent it from happening, but it is a band aid that inevitably falls off in a day or two.

I hope that your update is successful. Right now I am looking at one of my obsolete win7 laptops as a potential Maslow machine :confused:

Turn off the internet connection and it will not do updates. This is just how Windows is. It is possible to set update settings but in the past I had a system forced an update while un attended from Windows 8 to 10 one way trip due to space.

Thank you

Been a Windows guy most of my computer life, but beginning to really like Liinux Ubuntu.


Unfortunately, almost everything I use that machine for is related to the internet in some way.

Yes, Windows 10 automatic updates are annoying.

I had a Windows 10 system built for work. Since the system will do data collection and runs furnaces over a long period of time I can not have the system re-booting whenever it feels like it.

There are a few way to stop Windows 10 updates.
This posting list a few ways.

The local company that build the computer put this software on the computer which does seem to work.

This is a tool to load that helps stop Windows 10 updates.

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Thanks for the info!

I wish that Windows would fix their updates and go back to allowing the user to choose when to update rather than ramming it down our throats.

I also wish I wasn’t too lazy to learn one of the Linux flavors.


I strongly suggest Ubuntu 16.04 when your on a time budget.

If you want to be a bad ass, get Arch and make it what you want. It’s sort of the basic frame work of a linux OS and you build what you want in.

Thank you

Hi Keith, we had a few systems at the office go into this infinite loop of trying to update & failing over & over.
I was able to resolve with this post:

And here’s another similar one with more fix options:

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Thanks for that. I’ve seen one of those pages before, but not the first. I get a different error from the one shown, but will look into the solution. I am thinking that I will eventually do a manual install from media at this point.