Ground Control not allowing depth to be set below -.8"

Hi all,

I’ve got a pattern that I’m cutting and I’m not punching all the way through the .75" MDF even when setting the depth to -.8". I haven’t figured out why yet. I’m using the recommended Rigid router and maybe it’s a matter of slop in the z axis. The offset is at 3.17 so should be good.

I tried to just work around it for now by setting the depth to -.85" and noticed that Ground Control is not going beyond -.8" according to the z axis position display. I checked my gcode and there is a command for -.85". Is there a limit built into the software? I looked in the settings and couldn’t find anything.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @Leland_Bishop, welcome! GC should allow any value for the z axis. The router might be running into its end stop though. Could that be the case?


Thanks for the reply! I don’t think so… unless it’s doing it without any noise or fuss. I’ll check that.

The Ridgid router has a sacrificial orange plastic piece in the z-axis mechanism. When the traveler runs into the end stop, the screw thread chews on that piece instead of breaking the screw. I’ve had to replace one for just this kind of thing…


Also, check the wiki for an issue I ran into with similar symptoms…“Not cutting to full depth”


Happened to me too. SOLUTION - put the drillbit to stick out more so it actually reaches more depth. I figured out I have the drillbit workable depth of 3/4" only so obviously that is the only workaround. Do not forget to reset the Z axis point zero after this.


Thanks for all of the advice! It turns out that all three of you are right :slight_smile:

I should have checked the troubleshooting wiki. The z-axis motor mount was interfering with the router movement. I ground the motor mount down a little bit and got just enough clearance but it’s still just barely touching. I’ve got the bit lowered in the chuck as much as possible already so I ordered a longer bit on Amazon. That should clear it all up.

I’ve now officially finished my first successful cut! Awesome!