Ground control?

i keep getting a com 3 timeout…anyone know what causes this?

Do you still have the arduino programmer running?

want to test motors but i keep getting connected then not connected &
it times out

either way i get the same…it also says i may need to update firmware but i have v1.18

Did you just update the firmware?

just dl unzipped it and ran the cnc_cntlv1 file file it and wanted to run motor test before i hooked up the sled

And you then closed the arduino programmer? it will interfere with GC if its still open and cause the symptoms you describe.

yes aurdrino is closed

hmmm… normally disconnects right after a connect is due to a conflict. Is there anything else running? perhaps reboot the computer

i’ll try that …and keep looking for the conflict…thx

Could also try reprogramming the arduino just in case something happened with the previous programming. Have you had the maslow running before and this is just an upgrade or is this the first time its being used?

first time running…or trying to run

Other possibilities:

  1. try programming arduino again.
  2. check for loose connections of usb cable
  3. route the usb cable away from other cables

Also, post a screenshot of what you are seeing…

ok …will do thx…

Is the power plugged in the arduino or the motor driver shield?

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power is to the same board the motors plug into…i had my IT here and arduino isnt communicating with the pc he said its not looping …so were going to try a different pc and usb chord

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